We deep into digitalization and safety in a conference organized by the AEE

30.09.2021 In: News
News imageWe deep into digitalization and safety in a conference organized by the AEE

Once again, the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) has organized its International Conference on Operational Analysis of Wind Farms.

IGP, a leading company in security and lighting for wind turbines, attended the event held in Madrid, in order to share time and space with key people and companies in the sector. “After everything that has happened, we really wanted to be able to physically attend this event. For all the projects and products we are working on, we wanted to take the temperature, check the perception of how new technologies will enable products with potential applications of great interest in installed wind farms. In this sense, we can see that the sector is adding up, incorporating technology to achieve enormous progress”, said Carlos Martín, CEO of IGP, who was accompanied by Pello Lorca, IGP’s Business Development Engineer.

IGP currently markets the LV-R, LX-R and SAFE-OM-R retrofit systems. They are oriented to solve the lighting problems of installed wind turbines, enable the safety upgrade, comply with regulations and improve their business case. They stand out for their easy installation thanks to a system based on pre-connection and the use of suitable magnets.  In addition, the LX-R and SAFE-OM-R systems are remote-controlled, allowing the status of each element to be known from the machine’s ground or from the computer, thus reducing operation and maintenance costs.