New LX family of luminaires

25.10.2021 In: News
News imageNew LX family of luminaires

IGP launches the new LX family of luminaires, which comes as an evolution of the successful LV series and stands out for its ability to inspect and manage the machine lighting remotely, which improves safety protocols and the business case.

“We can monitor its status from any machine access point (ground in the case of onshore; ground or nacelle-helihost in the case of offshore) or through the machine’s SCADA. This functionality allows centralized management of a lighting system of maximum safety and efficiency, with battery and distributed electronics, which makes it possible to coordinate warnings, implement inspections or check the status of the system easily, at the machine or remotely,” says Carlos Martín, CEO of IGP.

The new LX family consists of three luminaires, LXD, LXF and LXK, each of them focused on illuminating different parts of the machine. Among its main features are its light output (ranging from 800 to 2700 lumens), its IP67 protection rating and 13 years of battery life.