Almost all wind turbines installed before 2014 do not have emergency lighting and they have very high maintenance costs. This makes retrofitting essential to comply with safety regulations and reduce maintenance costs. LV/R, LX/R and SAFE-OM/R are IGP’s solutions to ensure the safety of machine maintenance.

of the system
in the machine

For a first and simple evaluation of the starting situation, on-site measurements or approximate simulations are carried out to enable the project to be delimited and sized.

Also, the scope of the system beyond lighting is assessed with the owner: incorporation of fire detection systems, intrusion or presence sensors on the machine.

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and analysis
of alternatives

Regulatory and compliance is assessed and the incorporation of requirements that can greatly reduce the cost of lighting is evaluated.

Also, the possible scopes of the proposed solutions and their business cases are presented, from lighting (based on LV/R luminaires) to safety monitored systems for maintenance (SAFE-OM/R systems).

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of the solution
and preliminary evaluation

IGP have experience with the retrofit of any of the most numerous platforms around the world, which allows us to quickly offer the right system for them and their possible variants. In the case of new platforms, a first test installation is carried out to optimize the system by measuring the lighting levels, installation times, the use of the previous installation system, etc…

The output of this phase is the conceptualization of a preliminary solution, which includes the definition of the system and the elaboration of the business cases, as well as the economic proposals for equipment, documentation, training and installation.

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of the scope
of the project

The distribution of responsibilities is defined: IGP can simply supply the equipment or also carry out the turnkey project, including the installation in the wind turbine. Likewise, the action planning is established.

and warranties

IGP remains at the client’s disposal to solve any incidence. In most cases, a supervision service is offered to verify the correct installation if it has not been carried out by IGP.