Safe-OM System

Safe-OM System

Integral safety
system with information
of each element
in real time

SAFE-OM brings a step forward in wind turbine safety by unifying all the elements in a single system. Installable in new machines or in Retrofit version (SAFE-OM-R), SAFE-OM provides real-time system information, which contributes to promote safety and reduce O&M costs

The SAFE-OM system allows the management and operation of different functionalities related to wind turbine maintenance.

In its simplest configuration, SAFE-OM integrates all the luminaires (LX luminaires). In more complete configurations, SAFE-OM incorporates fire detection, acoustic and luminous warning of emergency situations, presence or intrusion sensors. In addition, SAFE-OM has the ability to operate the sensors as a system, which translates into a significant improvement of the emergency warning or incident management protocols.

SAFE-OM is a flexible and parameterizable system, so it adapts to the design of each machine. SAFE-OM simplifies the system thanks to the possibility of interconnecting sensors to the luminaires and eliminating unnecessary wiring or additional back-up systems. The system is also self-configurable, allowing it to be commissioned at the commissioning stage without the need for installation or additional actions.

SAFE-OM has a machine-level user interface, and also allows remote operation, which can be integrated into machine or operator SCADAs. This allows you to optimize safety protocols (performing on-demand checks instantaneously) and greatly improve O&M costs from significant savings in maintenance costs, inspection costs, spare parts costs, etc…

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SAFE-OM benefits

  • More security for the maintainers thanks at its capacity for guarantee the correct operation of the system.
  • Easy installation: In a single common wire.
  • Integration of the system in existing elements.
  • Adaptable: Configure the elements you want.
  • Maintenance cost savings.
  • Real time information.
  • Higher sustainability thanks to the design and use of a solution that follows environmental criteria.
  • Efficiency.
  • Easy machine inspection. Disconnection programming for the inspection.
  • Compliance with current regulations.

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