Safe-OM System

Safe-OM System

Comprehensive system
for wind turbine
maintenance safety

SAFE-OM guarantees the highest levels of safety thanks to the interaction of its components, can be integrated into the machine control system and optimizes the business case (the LCoE) of machine safety.

The SAFE-OM system allows the management and operation of different functionalities related to the maintenance of wind turbines.
In its simplest configuration, SAFE-OM integrates all the luminaires (LX luminaires). In more complete configurations, SAFE-OM incorporates fire detection, acoustic and luminous warning of emergency situations, presence or intrusion sensors. In addition, SAFE-OM has the ability to operate the sensors as a system, which translates into a significant improvement of the emergency warning or incident management protocols.

SAFE-OM is a flexible and parameterizable system, so it adapts to the design of each machine. SAFE-OM simplifies the system thanks to the possibility of interconnecting sensors to the luminaires and eliminating unnecessary wiring or additional back-up systems. The system is also self-configurable, allowing it to be commissioned at the commissioning stage without the need for installation or additional actions.

SAFE-OM has a machine-level user interface, and also allows remote operation, which can be integrated into machine or operator SCADAs. This allows you to optimize safety protocols (performing on-demand checks instantaneously) and greatly improve O&M costs from significant savings in maintenance costs, inspection costs, spare parts, etc…

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SAFE-OM benefits

  • More security for the maintainers thanks at it’s capacity for guarantee the correct operation of the system.
  • Easy installation: In a single common wire.
  • Integration of the system in existing elements.
  • Adaptable: Configure the elements you want.
  • Maintenance cost savings.
  • Real time information.
  • Higher sustainability thanks to the design and use of a solution that follows environmental criteria.
  • Efficiency.
  • Easy machine inspection. Disconnection programming for the inspection.
  • Compliance with current regulations.

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