LXK Serie

LXK Serie

optimized for
tower ladders

The LXK luminaire, like the LXD and LXF, can be operated remotely from any machine access point (ground in the case of onshore; ground or nacelle-helihost in the case of offshore) or through the machine’s SCADA. Its centralized management makes it possible to manage warnings, implement inspections or check the system status easily, at the machine or remotely.


It has a three-dimensional K-shaped photometric profile that provides focused lighting on the ladder, achieving optimum lighting levels of 800 lm of power on intermediate platforms or on concrete towers without platforms.

This 800 lm configuration offers its power over the entire thermal range of operation, from -30ºC to 50ºC. Its compact design facilitates its installation also in confined spaces, as well as in high places. With a battery life of 13 years and a careful mechanical design (IK07, IP67), it withstands the most demanding vibration, temperature and corrosion requirements.

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Light output

800 lm over the entire thermal range (-30ºC to 50ºC).

Photometric profile

K-shaped, optimized for stairs.

Robustness and low maintenance

IP67, IK07, and a large number of vibration performance certifications. The battery is the only spare part and has an estimated life of 13 years.

Wind turbine location

On stairs.


Access to luminaire status information locally and remotely.

Universal and versatile

It has all certifications (CE, UL, CCC, BIS, etc…) and operates in extended input voltage and frequency ranges (100 Vac-277Vac, 50 Hz.60Hz).

Application areas

Wind generator