LXF Serie

LXF Serie

lighting for
specific areas

The LXF luminaire, like the LXD and LXK, allows remote operation from any machine access point (ground in the case of onshore; ground or nacelle-helihost in the case of offshore) or through the machine’s SCADA. Its centralized management manages warnings, implements inspections or checks the system status instantly and locally or remotely.

The LXF luminaire has a front focused photometric profile, suitable for the hub, elevators, cabinets, etc…, where it is used with a power of 800 lm. It is suitable for outdoor areas (helihost, transition pieces or access stairs) in its 2700 lm configuration.

Both configurations offer their power in the entire thermal range of operation, from -30ºC to 50ºC. Their flat design facilitates installation in confined spaces as well as in high places. With an estimated battery life of 13 years, and with a careful mechanical design (Ik07, IP67), it resists the most demanding corrosion, vibration and temperature requirements.

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Light output

Output power of 800 lm for indoor and 2700 lm for outdoor over the entire thermal range (-30ºC to 50ºC).

Photometric profile

Frontal, suitable for specific geometries.

Robustness and low maintenance

IP67, IK07, and a large number of certifications of its performance against vibrations. The battery is the only spare part and has an estimated life of 13 years.

Location in the wind turbine

It is usually located in elevators and hubs in its 800 lm version and in helihost and machine access in its 2700 lm version.


Access to luminaire status information locally and remotely.

Universal and versatile

It has all certifications (CE, UL, CCC, BIS, etc…) and operates in extended input voltage and frequency ranges (100 Vac-277Vac, 50 Hz.60Hz).

Application areas

Wind generator