LX-R Serie

LX-R Serie

lighting system

The LX-R system consists of LX series luminaires adapted to the particularities of the installation and business cases of the machines in operation.

The LX-R system has different configurations depending on the machine platform.

In all the cases, has the next elements:

  • LX-Switch. System operation display located on the ground that allows knowing the status of each component of the system.
  • The luminaires are wired to avoid the need for machine wiring and connectorization. Cable lengths depend on each platform..
  • The sensors are wired to the luminaire.
  • Fixing by means of magnets for easy positioning on the installed machine.
  • Quick connector for easy connection to the machine.
  • Long battery life and extended thermal range (no replacement required).

The incorporation of a LX-R system includes:

  • System optimization for each platform.
  • Simulations to determine the light values at each point of the wind turbine.
  • Installation manuals.
  • Turnkey installation (optional). Failing that, the installers of the property can be trained.
  • Outputs for integration in SCADAs of the machine (optional) or cloud access (optional).

LX-R is the right choice for owners who want to optimize the inspection and maintenance costs of their lighting system, as well as improve their system testing protocols to ensure the safety of the maintainers. Retrofit time per machine is less than 5 hours and requires 2 people.

Application areas

Wind generator

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