LVD Serie

LVD Serie

luminaire of
high efficiency
for areas
of work

Three-dimensional D-shaped photometric profile that offers volumetric lighting in areas such as the ground, the platforms between the different sections of the tower, the nacelle or the hub, among others.

Light output of 2700 lumens throughout the thermal range of operation, from -30ºC to 50ºC. With a compact design, the LVD incorporates a battery with an estimated life of 13 years and, thanks to its mechanical design, is capable of exceeding the most demanding vibration, temperature and corrosion requirements.

There are currently more than 250,000 LVD luminaires in operation worldwide.

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Light power

2,700 lumens of power throughout the thermal range (-30º-50ºC).

Robustness and long useful life

IP65, IK05 and other certifications that guarantee its efficiency against vibrations. The battery is the only spare part and has an estimated duration of 13 years.

Photometric profile

Volumetric for areas with high lighting needs.

Location in wind turbine

It can be located on towers, platforms and nacelles.

Universal and versatile

It has all the certifications (CE, UL, CCC, BIS, etc…) and works in extended input voltage and frequency ranges (100 Vac-277Vac, 50 Hz.60Hz).

Application areas

Wind generator