LV-R Serie

LV-R Serie

Lighting system
based on
LV series

The LV-R system it’s formed for luminaires of the LV serie adapted to the peculiarities of the installation and business cases of the machines working.

The LV-R system has different configurations depending on the machine platform.

In all the cases, has the next elements:

  • The luminaires are wired to avoid the need for machine wiring and connectorization. Cable lengths depend on each platform.
  • Fixing by means of magnets to facilitate placement in the installed machine.
  • Quick connectorized for easy machine connection.
  • Long battery life and extended thermal range (no replacement required).

The incorporation of a LV-R system includes:

  • System optimization for each platform.
  • Simulations to determine the light values at each point of the wind turbine.
  • Installation manuals.
  • Turnkey installation (optional). Failing that, we can train installers of the property.

LV-R is the right choice for owners who do not have emergency lighting according to regulations, or for those who have a lighting system with high inspection and maintenance costs compared to the price of the system. Retrofit time per machine is less than 4 hours and 2 people are required.

Application areas

Wind generator