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Cookies Usage Policy:

IED Greenpower S.L. informs you that cookies is a file that is downloaded on your computer upon accessing certain websites. Cookies enable a website, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or equipment, depending on the information they contain and they way the equipment uses them, they can be used to identify the user.

Our website uses two types of cookies:

Google Analytics: Analytical cookies are those that are used either by us or third parties to discover the number of users and therefore perform a statistical measurement and analysis of the way users utilise the service offered. To do this, their browsing activity on our website is analysed with the aim of improving our product or service offer. Google Adsense: Advertising cookies are those that are used either by us or third parties, to allow us to manage the advertising spaces on the website as effectively as possible, adjusting the advertisement contents to the service requested by the user or to the way our website is being used. To do this we are able to analyse your Internet browsing habits and can show you advertisements that are suited to your browsing profile. Follow this link to consult the privacy policy of these Google services.

Revoking and eliminating cookies:

You can allow, block or eliminate cookies that are installed on your computer by configuring browsing options installed on your computer. In the event you use a different browser, these links will enable you to configure cookie use:

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